Eat tacos, tortas and tamales to maintain a healthy level of vitamin T

Most people are aware that what they eat should contain at least a modicum of nutritional value as well as hitting the correct coordinate point on the sweet-sour-salty/crunchy-creamy-chewy grid. Along with your A, B, C and K, though, are you getting enough vitamin T?

Vitamin T is naturally occurring in the Mexican diet, but Americans and those of other nationalities need to be careful to seek it out. Luckily, this is pretty easy, what with the popularity of Mexican cuisine. You can find vitamin T in tacos, tortas and tamales, though tortillas and tequila also contain trace amounts.

New trends hitting Orlando include unexpected fillings (keeping in mind, what may be new to our menus is sometimes old news in the original cuisine). Look out for octopus, ceviche, lamb, chicharrones or the newly ubiquitous Impossible or Beyond Burger crumbles. Another protein you may not have considered: chapulines, or deep-fried dried grasshopppers. As far as creative vegetable options go, expect to start seeing nopales (cactus paddles that are harvested, de-thorned and peeled) on more menus, as well as hibiscus flowers and sweet potatoes. Locally, you can find a chapuline taco at Coco Cocina, a hibiscus taco at Hunger Street, a pork-fat

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