Ed Brodsky won’t fire Eric Robinson as campaign treasurer

State Attorney Ed Brodsky has no plans to fire Eric Robinson as his campaign treasurer. But he stressed the Venice accountant only works with the prosecutor’s political campaign, not the State Attorney’s Office itself.

“I employ his agency to comply with accounting,” Brodsky, a Sarasota Republican, said. “In fact I work with someone there other than Eric Robinson. And I am very comfortable with the relationship I have with the agency.”

He spoke to Florida Politics about the matter a day after news broke of an investigation of Robinson for “potential election criminal misconduct.”

Details of that investigation remain scant. The matter became public after Brodsky asked Gov. Ron DeSantis to reassign the investigation to another judicial circuit because of his own relationship to the treasurer.

DeSantis on Sept. 22 issued an executive order redirecting the matter out of Brodsky’s 12th Judicial Circuit and to State Attorney Andrew Warren’s 13th Judicial Circuit in Tampa.

Warren, a Democrat, hasn’t released any information about the ongoing investigation.

“We have accepted the executive assignment and are reviewing the case to determine what charges, if any, are appropriate,” said Grayson Kamm, communications director for Warren’s office. “We are not

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