Education Funding Could Take a Hit if Lottery Bills Are Passed

The House and Senate are currently working on a pair of matching bills involving the state lottery, and the results — should they pass — could see a drop in revenue funneled into the education system. Both bills contain two aspects that will impact the lottery, and while exact figures are not available, the results are essentially looked at as a drop in the net returns. The only real question is, by how much?

In the Senate lawmakers are working on SB 1264, and the House version is HB 629, with the primary focus being on the restriction of mobile lottery ticket sales. The bills will work to “prohibit the use of personal electronic devices to play, store, redeem, sell, or purchase lottery tickets or games.” This intention is to stem the likelihood of fraudulent websites that would defraud customers. There is also certainly a lobbying effort being made on behalf of the authorized retailers, as they are granted approximately a 3 percent portion of lottery proceeds. 

The other aspect in the bills involves the inclusion of warning labels on lottery tickets and game cards. This is an expansion of a proposed law that was passed by the Legislature in

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