A Republican lawyer with an interest in Second Amendment rights.

A GOP UPS HR manager who, when president of the Jacksonville City Council, led a quixotic effort to remove a nude photograph from the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art. And who fought against the appointment of a university professor to the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission.

A Democratic candidate whose name wasn’t on the ballot.

A Democratic preacher called the “demon buster” who has claimed to cast out “gay demons,” and been quoted as saying the TV gabfest “The View” was ruled by “antichrist spirits,” and who spoke “against the witchcraft from the idolaters of foreign countries that want Sen. Obama to be president for DARK PURPOSES.”

An Republican engineer who served a support role in the Global War on Terror, and became the youngest ever member of the Duval County School Board.

Who are these people? What do they have in common?

Rep. Cord Byrd from House District 11. Rep. Clay Yarborough from House District 12. Rep. Tracie Davis from House District 13. Rep. Kim Daniels from House District 14. And Rep. Jason Fischer from House District 16.

These are the five new members of the Duval County Legislative Delegation. Due to the nature of the map in Duval County, most were essentially elected during the August primary. And people in Tallahassee will get to know them well between now and 2024.

Below, a primer.


Byrd got the most votes (against a write-in candidate) in the general election of any of these five candidates — a function, in part, of how Donald Trump drove turnout in his conservative district that encompasses Nassau and eastern Duval counties.

We interviewed Byrd after his primary win earlier this year, an effort he attributed to ground game and bolstered by pivotal backing from the National

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