Election’s validity intact despite Donald Trump claims

The U.S. presidential election was not tainted by widespread voter fraud or irregularities in how ballots were counted, despite a huge effort by President Donald Trump to prove otherwise.

In refusing to concede the election, Trump claims that he would have won were it not for “illegal” votes counted in several states that he lost or where he is currently trailing. But Trump and his allies haven’t offered any proof and their legal challenges have largely been rejected by the courts.

Nonpartisan investigations of previous elections have found that voter fraud is exceedingly rare. State officials from both parties, as well as international observers, have also stated that the 2020 election went well.

A look at the election and the allegations Trump has made.


More than 150 million people voted in the presidential election. As of Tuesday morning, one week after the election, President-elect Joe Biden had received almost 5 million more votes than Trump.

Biden is projected to have 290 votes in the Electoral College to Trump’s 214, according to The Associated Press’ analysis of vote counts in all 50 states. The AP has not

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