Elizabeth Warren's Energized By Campaign Trail, Runs to Catch Train

Elizabeth Warren Campaign Trail’s Got Me Energized … I Can Run For Anything


Sen. Elizabeth Warren is in great shape to run … and not just for President in 2020.

Senator Warren outran reporter Adam Glyn with ease Monday afternoon, booking it through NYC’s Penn Station on her way to catch a train … and as you can see and hear in the video, she wasn’t out of breath when he finally caught up to her to ask about the Mueller report and next year’s election.

Warren definitely sounds like a candidate — you can tell by her comments on Robert Mueller — and she’s totally energized by her campaign, physically and mentally. We gotta give the 69-year-old Senator props for running through the crowd like Usain Bolt.

Check out the clip … and try to resist the urge to go for a run!!!

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