Enes Kanter Playoff Talk ‘Makes My Nipples Hard’

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Is it cold in here … or is Enes Kanter just thinking about the playoffs??

The NY Knicks star and LeBron James‘ nemesis was asked about the team’s postseason goals at media day on Monday … and the dude might’ve overshared juuuust a bit.

“I like it a lot, man. Because I’ve been to playoffs before, and then that should be everybody’s goal,” Kanter says. “It’s the playoffs. When I think about playoffs, my nipples get hard.”

Kanter immediately apologized for the TMI comment … but it’s too late. It’s out there and we can’t un-hear it. 

“I’m sorry, that’s the thing. It’s the playoffs. That’s what we play for.”

We don’t even want to begin to imagine what would happen if the Knicks win a playoff series.

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