Enough with making excuses for Eagles' Carson Wentz

12:00 PM ET

There is a phenomenon happening right now in Philadelphia, where observers watch Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz fail to execute on a sizable number of plays each game, groan in recognition of the damage those misfires are causing in real time, and then spend the rest of the week convincing themselves that what they witnessed was the result of outside forces, usually of the coaching variety.


Wentz, the No. 2 overall pick in 2016, is in his fifth season. He is making an average of $32 million a year. He is dramatically underperforming in 2020, and the Eagles’ 3-5-1 record is largely a reflection of that, given how closely tied a team’s fate is to its quarterback play in the NFL.

Wentz’s regression is on him. The excuse-making needs to stop.

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Eagles coach Doug Pederson is an easy target right now. The Eagles came out of their bye week flat and fell 27-17 to the New York Giants Sunday. This team routinely falls behind early, bringing into question the quality of preparation

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