In Jacksonville, a man not authorized as a poll watcher took up a position inside a polling place in a majority African-American precinct and initially refused to leave.

In Palm Beach County, officials at a voting site told Florida Atlantic University students that they could cast only provisional ballots because their a dorm addresses qualified as a hotel.

In Miami-Dade, security guards turned voters away from a site inside a gated community, and people used megaphones to chase away potential voters.

And along the I-4 corridor, people driving pickup trucks flying the Confederate flag appeared bent on intimidating voters.

The Election Protection coalition, a nonpartisan organization designed to observe, report, and protest voting irregularities, reported those incidents Tuesday during a news conference from Washington, D.C.

“Voter intimidation stands out as one issue we are wrestling with in the state of Florida,” said Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, a coalition member organization.

The problems emerged during early voting, Clarke said. At the Hollywood Public Library on Sunday, “aggressive” individuals attempted to intimidate voters. “Some have turned away because they did not feel that they could freely cast a ballot.”

In Jacksonville, the man in question appeared Tuesday inside the St. Paul AME Church on New Kings Road without authorization, as forbidden by law. “He was asked to leave and has refused,” Clarke said — although she later reported that he’d eventually departed.

She reported “yelling, people using megaphones aggressively in Miami-Dade.”

Coalition representatives had no immediate details of the I-4 incidents, but said there appeared to be no violence involved.

In Palm Beach, officials told the students “that they would only be able to vote by provisional ballot, and that their votes would not count,” Clarke said.

She didn’t know the

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