Maybe his South Florida constituency long ago grew numb to U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings’ serial unscrupulousness. Certainly nobody kicked up much of a fuss when it was discovered Wednesday the Democratic congressman, serving in the shadow of his own checkered past, promoted a convicted money launderer in his Palm Beach County office to full-time “staff assistant.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon and Legistorm filings,  Dona Nichols Jones has been on Hastings’ payroll as a $40,000-a-year part-time aide and community liaison since April 2014. How much of a salary increase comes with the promotion is not yet certain.

You may not be familiar with Dona Nichols Jones. Jones is married to one-time Philadelphia lawyer Mikel Jones, who worked for Hastings from 1993 to 2011 as a district administrator. Dona and Mikel operated as a slick team, eventually convicted of money laundering, conspiracy, and fraud in 2011 after they had used hundreds of thousands of dollars from a business loan for the likes of paying off credit card debts and Philadelphia 76ers tickets. 

It’s a fascinating story, and the Free Beacon has followed the story over the years. The couple also laundered $160,000 through Dona and her daughter’s bank account to replenish money that had

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