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Migrants are stuck in Hungary as Budapest’s main train station reopens — but only for domestic services
A Syrian refugee named Houriye: “I beg you to save us”
Report: At least 12 people packed onto migrant boats have drowned off Turkey

Only domestic trains are leaving the station, Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs told CNN.
The migrants are free to travel to migrant camps in Hungary but won’t be able to board an international train service, he said.
Budapest’s Keleti station has become a focal point of the crisis currently engulfing parts of Europe, as an unprecedented wave of people — mostly refugees fleeing conflict in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan — seek to reach Northern and Western Europe.
Hungary, while part of the European Union, is not the migrants’ end destination but rather a transit point on a long journey north from Greece to wealthier nations like Austria and Germany, where they hope to claim asylum.
But Hungarian authorities say that under EU legislation, they can’t allow people to travel without the proper documentation — a valid passport, a ticket and any necessary visas.

Hungarian railway operator MAV said it had decided not to run direct trains from Budapest toward Western Europe “for safety reasons.” International tickets will be accepted on domestic trains, it said.
As the backlog of tired, hungry and despairing travelers builds at Keleti station, tensions have simmered.
On Thursday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is to meet with other members of the European Union to figure out how to cope with the emergency.

Prime minister: ‘Don’t criticize Hungary’
Speaking to reporters in Brussels, Belgium, alongside the European Parliament President Martin Schulz, Orban said the situation was not of his country’s making.
“The problem is not just a European problem; the problem is a German problem,” he said.
Germany’s government said last month it expected up to 800,000 asylum seekers to come this year — four times more than in 2014. But, Orban said, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that they must be registered before leaving Hungary.
“All of them would like to go to Germany, our job is to only register them,” Orban said.
Without strict border controls, EU migrant quotas are “an invitation” for migrants to come, he added.
Hungary has faced criticism for erecting a barbed wire fence along its more than 100-mile border with Serbia in a bid to prevent migrants crossing illegally …Read More