Ex-commish Vincent hails ChiSox plan on netting

7:39 PM ET

Their relationship was anything but a bromance during Fay Vincent’s three years as the commissioner of baseball and there hasn’t been a rapprochement since. But Wednesday, when asked by ESPN’s Outside the Lines about the Chicago White Sox plan to extend safety netting to the foul poles, Vincent expressed unqualified support for the initiative of team chairman Jerry Reinsdorf.

“Jerry is very smart — I don’t often agree with him, but he’s right.” Added Vincent: “He is a lawyer, he is careful and he is very wise.”

Vincent, also a lawyer, weighed in on the future of the rule on which Major League Baseball has relied for decades against liability lawsuits over fan injuries. Since 1913, every ticket to a major-league game has contained a disclaimer saying the holder of the ticket assumes all the risks inherent to the game. Called “the Baseball Rule,” it has made it nearly impossible for fans injured at games to successfully sue ballclubs or MLB.

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“The future of tort law is in favor of more safety, more reasonable protections,” said Vincent. “Could I see a court overturning the ‘Baseball Rule’? Assumption of risk doctrines

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