Ex-Giant Williamson suing park over concussion

2:19 PM ET

Former San Francisco Giants outfielder Jonathan “Mac” Williamson is suing the owners of Oracle Park after suffering a concussion while tracking down a ball in foul territory in April 2018. Williamson, 30, fell awkwardly over the bullpen mounds past the left-field foul line and then crashed into the wall, suffering the injury.

Williamson’s suit claims the mounds should never have been located there. The Giants moved the bullpens to behind the outfield wall before the 2020 season.

“My injuries could have been avoided but for the park’s failure to relocate the bullpens to where they belonged in the first place,” Williamson said in a recorded statement. “Trying to fight through the concussion over the last 2.5 years has been difficult, both personally and professionally.”

Williamson says he experiences nausea and dizziness and has vision issues. He last played in a major league game in 2019.

“I’m left wondering if tomorrow will be better,” he said. “If tomorrow I’ll get my life back. Unfortunately, that day has yet to come, and my life in baseball has effectively come to an end.”

Williamson is suing China Basin Ballpark Company LLC, which owns and operates the ballpark.

“Since the

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