A former New York Jet is kicking up a cloud of controversy with a plan to market marijuana-derived products at Pop Warner youth football games.

Marvin WashingtonAP

Marvin Washington, who played 11 seasons in the NFL — including eight years with the Jets — is the managing partner of Isodiol, a company that extracts a little-known chemical from cannabis plants to make painkillers.

Unlike its more famous counterpart THC, the active ingredient cannabidiol, also known as CBD, doesn’t get you high. Instead, Isodiol claims CBD, which is legal in many states, can safely be used as an anti-inflammatory, a pain reliever, an aid to muscle recovery and a neuro-protector for the brain.

That goes for kids who get knocked around playing football, too, according to Washington.

“My CBD can be taken by a 7-year-old football player or a 27-year-old professional,” Washington, a 6-foot-6, 285-pound former defensive lineman, told The Post.

Nevertheless, CBD is getting a tough reception, even in the NFL, whose commissioner Roger Goodell still has yet to permit the use of any cannabis-derived product for any reason. Plenty of medical experts are skeptical, too.

“There is no data to support marijuana or cannabidiol having a role in protecting the brain from any kind of injury or in any kind of muscle recovery,” Dr. Sheryl Ryan, a Yale University professor of pediatrics, told The Post. “There is no science whatsoever to support that.”

Any claim to the contrary, Ryan added, “ is outrageous.”

Washington plans to make his case directly to parents at youth football games this fall, handing out samples of Isodiol’s line of topical creams, sprays, droplets and powders. Possible stops on the “educational” tour will include Florida, Texas and California, Washington said.

The idea is “getting the product in parents hands, as they begin to use

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