Expect aggressive second-term agenda from Lenny Curry

While it’s certain that newly re-elected Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry will “engage” in certain City Council races, expect his administration to push forward on policy priorities sooner than that.

Exhibit A is on the Council’s agenda Tuesday night: the move toward final resolution of the problem posed by the Jacksonville Landing.

The $18 million spend, multiples of the riverfront mall’s book value, has been called everything from bad business to a political payout by critics.

However, those critics aren’t in policymaking roles. The only reason it’s not on the Consent Agenda Tuesday night is because Garrett Dennis no-voted it in Committee.

Of the 19 people on Council, 11 voted for it in committees last week. It’s all over but the crosstalk and a failed floor amendment or two.

What’s next for the space? Building demolition, along with marketing the new greenspace.

Over the last four years, the Curry administration has aggressively worked to manufacture consensus, and the payoff, as Curry said Tuesday night at the victory party, is downtown revitalization.

Much of the waterfront will have been shed of buildings that had outlived their purpose, and the Jacksonville Landing is the latest iteration.

Time will be of

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