Facing an uphill battle in HD 93, Linda Thompson Gonzalez resorts to lying about Chip LaMarca’s record

Linda Thompson Gonzalez would have Broward voters believe Rep. Chip LaMarca wants to take health care away from people with pre-existing conditions.

Forward Majority Action has been helping Gonzalez, a Democrat challenging LaMarca in House District 93, by claiming in direct mail ads that the incumbent “voted to let insurance companies deny health coverage for pre-existing conditions, including COVID-19 treatment.”

The mailer continues, “Warning: Under Chip LaMarca’s health care plan, one bad diagnosis could mean financial disaster for working families.”

The attack is as unoriginal as it is false. The citations on the mailer prove as much.

Gonzalez’ mailer refers to LaMarca’s vote in favor to a bill passed in the 2019 Legislative Session (SB 322).

Since even the 2020 Session feels like it happened a decade ago, here’s a refresher: SB 322 was a health insurance bill — now law — carried by incoming Senate President Wilton Simpson.

There are many provisions in the bill, and yes, it does address pre-existing conditions. Not by stripping away care, by requiring insurers to offer coverage to all Floridians, regardless of any prior medical diagnosis.

From the bill: “An insurer may not limit or exclude benefits under

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