Fall in Florida: Tips for Enjoying the Season

If you’re considering moving to Florida from a different climate, one aspect you might not anticipate is how seasons change in the Sunshine State.

If the calendar says September, it must be time to haul out harvest decor and plunk cinnamon sticks in mulled cider, right?

Yes! You can still enjoy all those things once you’re the proud owner of a new custom Florida home designed by ICI Homes — Florida’s Custom Home Builder — as long as you remember the weather won’t change as quickly as you might be used to.

We’re Florida residents too, so allow us to offer a few tips for enjoying a Floridian fall season.

How fast will summer turn to fall?

It depends where you live. Florida is a big peninsula with cooler seasons a bit more pronounced to the north, and more temperate, sub-tropical and tropical year-round warmth to the south.

One thing doesn’t change — the lower humidity and glorious, sunny days everywhere in the Sunshine State during our fall and winter seasons.

They’re a big reason so many people pursue seasonal residences in Florida during the fall and winter months — it’s usually spectacular here!

What’s it like in cooler months?

If you’ve moved to the Sunshine State from a

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