Family business finally opens marijuana dispensary in Queens – Spectrum News NY1

Rodney Carter Jr. and his brother, Brandon Carter, can finally exhale.

Their dispensary, Trends Cannabis Dispensary, has finally opened in the Queens neighborhood of Long Island City.

What You Need To Know Many New Yorkers applying for cannabis licenses are not happy about the state’s arduous licensing process They say the state’s bureaucratic red tape is overwhelming and delays the opening of businesses So far this year, 403 new licenses have been granted in New York Some legal marijuana sellers say they are worried about illegal vendors cutting into their profit share

They told Spectrum News NY1 that it was a long and complicated process to get a coveted license to sell cannabis in New York.

“We finally got the application. It took six months for us to get it. Once we got it, the race was getting a location, finding investors,” Rodney Carter Jr. said.

The dispensary is 6,000 square feet and is filled with colorful cannabis products. Its walls tell a story about marijuana.

During the rollout of New York’s cannabis program, state officials promised to give priority to New Yorkers with prior arrests or convictions.

Both Rodney Carter Jr. and

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