Farrah Abraham Brushes Off Talk of Copying Kourtney Kardashian's Nude Pose

Farrah Abraham Talk to Me About Anything Except Kourtney ‘Rip-offs’!!!


Give Farrah Abraham credit … she knows how to change the subject when she’s being grilled — case in point … copying Kourtney Kardashian‘s nude bathroom pose.

We got Farrah out at LAX and we had to ask about ripping off Kourtney earlier this month. As you know … Kourtney found a risque way to promote her new lifestyle site by posing nude and cleverly blocking her assets with a teacup and laptop.

Two weeks later … Farrah posted a super similar pic on Instagram, and she immediately got ripped for stealing Kourtney’s nude pose idea and for a massive photoshop fail. Look closely, no belly button. We know she has one.

But, check out the clip … Farrah wouldn’t even mention Kourtney’s name or offer any apologies for running with someone else’s creativity. Watch how she pivots and steers the conversation to something way more serious.

Farrah says it’s so serious … she’s thinking of getting the hell outta Dodge.  

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