‘Father time is undefeated’: Ron DeSantis rails against 80-year-old presidential candidates

America needs ‘a vigorous, energetic, no nonsense, strong president ready on day one.’

Florida’s Governor is grousing about gerontocracy during his latest presidential campaign swing.

“Father Time is undefeated. Father Time just simply works his will,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said in Red Oak Saturday at a Never Back Down event.

“That’s the reality of the situation. I think if the Founders could be here today and they could witness this and then go back to Philadelphia in 1787, I think they would have put an age limit,” DeSantis said, referring to Joe Biden.

The Governor, who had previously said the leading candidates’ advanced ages were a “legitimate concern” for voters, went on to offer a more categorical dismissal of octogenarian candidates.

“I don’t think the presidency can be successfully discharged by somebody that’s 80-years-old. This is nothing against 80 years old. I’m the Governor of Florida for Pete’s sake,” said the man who once compared the state to “God’s Waiting Room.”

“I’ve got a lot of great 80-year-olds, but the reality is you’ve got to go, and the only way we turn around this country is to have a vigorous, energetic, no nonsense, strong president ready on day one to just blitz

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