‘F*ck the Patriarchy’: PAC attacks Anna V. Eskamani over her statements, tweets

A new political committee website is using Democratic Rep. Anna V. Eskamani‘s record, statements, tweets, and photographs to suggest a portrait of someone who is wildly radical and unacceptable for House District 47, where she’s seeking reelection.

Eskamani is responding by charging the site as an “offensive, transphobic, dog-whistle website littered with lies.”

Her Republican opponent, Jeremy Sisson, said the site “looks pretty straight forward to me.”

The site AnnasGottaGo.com, run by the Central Florida Leadership Fund, often makes points that Eskamani has proudly embraced, but puts them in contexts to outrage strong conservatives, such as her support for abortion rights, which the site lays out with a headline, “If abortion is murder, then …;” or her strong advocacy for gun law reform, which the site notes has drawn her an F-rating from the NRA.

The site also seeks to tie her to people and activities Eskamani would not prefer, including stretching some relationships to provoke guilt-by-association, such as a photograph of her having lunch with Joel Greenberg, the Republican former Seminole County Tax Collector who is charged with multiple felonies. He donated $100 to her campaign unsolicited, but she refunded it.

The site includes

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