Federal Labor Agency Agrees to Settlement Between Missouri Cannabis Company and Union

The National Labor and Relations Board (NLRB) has approved a settlement agreement between a Missouri cannabis dispensary and a union which forces the company to reinstate five employees and pay more than $145,000 in backpay, front pay, and interest and compensation to 10 employees who were terminated following a March union organizing action.

In a statement, NLRB Region 14 Regional Director Andrea J. Wilkes said, “Individually and collectively, this settlement vindicates employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act.” — Wilkes in a press release

The agreement between Point Management, which owns Columbia-based Shangri-La dispensary, and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 655 resolves 15 unfair labor practices complaints which were set for an October 30 trial.

Under the settlement, Shangri-La agreed to:

  • Recognize and bargain with UFCW Local 655;
  • Pay backpay to 10 terminated employees;
  • Offer reinstatement to five terminated employees;
  • Pay front pay to five terminated employees in lieu of reinstatement;
  • Pay damages to a terminated employee for the interest

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