The Federal Emergency Management Agency has given Floridians another 60 days to file claims for Hurricane Matthew-related damage under the National Flood Insurance Program.

David I. Maurstad, the assistant administrator for federal insurance, announced the extension Tuesday. Normally, policyholders have 60 days to file claims, but Maurstad said the extension — bringing the total to 120 days — was warranted.

“Given that Hurricane Matthew caused significant widespread flooding in the impacted areas of Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia, FEMA is concerned that this deadline may present an undue burden on policyholders,” he wrote.

The storm passed along Florida’s east coast on Oct. 7.

Tampa attorney Thomas Young had launched a petition drive at and agitated on Facebook and Twitter seeking the extension.

“Thanks to all those who helped us achieve this significant victory for Hurricane Matthew victims,” Young said in a written statement Wednesday.

“By signing petitions, contacting elected officials, and actively participating in social media campaigns, we were able to effectuate this important extension,” he said.

According to FEMA, reached 40,810 individuals and families in Florida counties had registered with the agency as of Tuesday.

The deadline for Hurricane Hermine-related claims is Monday. Thus far, 8,980 individuals and families have filed claims.

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