Fenway Park opens for first time in 2020 for early voting

8:00 AM ET


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    Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, is one of more than 50 professional sports stadiums and arenas opening as a polling place this election season. Saturday and Sunday, Boston city residents lined up down the third-base side of the stadium to cast their ballots inside MLB’s oldest ballpark.

    “We are thankful to the City and the Election Commission for giving us the opportunity to open our doors to our community for this important undertaking,” Red Sox president and CEO Sam Kennedy said in September. “Voting is one of the best ways to support and champion the issues and policies we value and what better way for the Red Sox to help with that effort than to open up our ballpark for Boston residents to cast their early ballots.”

    It isn’t a World Series run, but this October weekend at the ballpark isn’t one Boston folks aren’t soon to forget.

    The home of the Red Sox is one of 27 early voting locations in the city. Tony Luong for ESPNThe Boston City Elections Commission delivered booths

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