It’s been 13 years since Finding Nemo won the hearts of young and old alike. The sequel, Finding Dory, needed a new kid to voice Nemo and Pixar found 12-year-old Hayden Rolence.

We chatted with the young actor to discuss what it was like voicing one of the most beloved animated fish and how he landed the role.

First of all congrats on voicing Nemo – that’s a big deal and you did a great job.
Thank you!

Tell me about the audition process and how you got the role.
Pixar sent out something saying that they were looking for someone who could do a Nemo voice. So I practiced and practiced by watching the movie over and over again, and I guess I did pretty good because they sent me a second script. These were lines from the second movie so they were a bit harder and I could not just copy exactly what Nemo said from the first movie.

Finding Nemo was released 13 years ago. Did you feel any pressure to fill the shoes of Nemo?
I think I did feel a bit of pressure. At the beginning before I went out to California to film it, I felt a little bit of pressure because I was doing this really big role that anybody would love to have. As soon I got there everybody treated me amazingly and Disney Pixar made it an amazing experience for me.

What was it like in the recording studio – were you all by yourself or with other actors?
I was recording by myself, but [director] Andrew [Stanton] and a couple of people from Pixar were helping me. I did not record with any of the actors.

What was the most difficult thing for you during this experience?
Most difficult thing for me was probably… um… doing

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