First Coast adds nearly 2,000 COVID-19 cases in one day

The First Coast region added nearly 2,000 new cases of COVID-19 in one day and positive test rates for the affliction continue to run high, according to Florida Department of Health data released Tuesday.

There are now 99,638 COVID-19 infections in Northeast Florida, a single-day jump of 1,993 cases for the five-county area and 1,164 fatalities caused by the affliction. To put it in perspective, only a half month ago there were a few days where the First Coast infection figure jumped by about 1,000 cases per day.

The positivity rate at coronavirus testing sites is showing striking similarities in intensity in the region. The average positivity rate for all Northeast Florida counties was 20.33%, up by more than 3% compared to the previous day. None of the five counties is below a 15% positivity test rate.

Duval County alone tallied more than 1,000 new infections for a total of 65,556. That’s an increase of more than 10,000 cases in just two weeks. Jacksonville had 55,553 infections on Dec. 22, which is about a 25% increase in the total number of infections since the outbreak began in March.

Jacksonville’s death toll stands at 755, up two from the previous day.

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