By Peter Hink
If you are into kayak fishing, here is your list of five must haves when fishing.

Annie Nagel on vacation, enjoying the Florida weather while protecting herself from the sun.

Over the last decade kayak fishing has boomed in Florida as anglers learn that they don’t need a big boat, tons of rods, reels and tackle to go out and have an enjoyable day on the water. A kayak set up for fishing seemed to end the money hole that most power boats seemed to become. Once you have it set up for your style of fishing you are for the most part done putting money into it. For most it was a simple and easy way to enjoy the sport of fishing. For others it became almost a challenge to see how much stuff you could put on a kayak. Fishfinders, GPS, live bait wells, leaning post, power poll and trolling motors to name a few. So what should you carry on your kayak for a day on the water. I always like to go as light as I can and only bring something like a fishfinder with GPS when I have a real need to. Whether you like to go light or load it up to the max there are 5 things that you should always bring with you.

1. P.F.D. P.F.D. or Personal Floatation Devices are mandatory for any paddle craft. a simple orange live vest under a bungee cord will make you legal on the water but will not make our list of must haves. A must have P.F.D. is one that you are going to wear any time you are on the water. Many P.F.D. companies make vest for the kayak fisherman with pockets and lash tabs to hold everything from pliers to

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