If you’re reading this, you’ve already read the headline and likely clicked this article for one of two reasons: You agree Dwyane Wade is the greatest athlete to ever play for a South Florida professional sports team, or you’re here to skim the article and leave a comment that says something to the effect of Umm, ever hear of Dan Marino, idiot?

If you’re the “Dan Marino clicker,” you might be right. Marino might be the greatest athlete South Florida has ever seen. Your argument has some valid points, but because you’re here already, why not read a cogent case for why Wade is, in fact, the greatest professional athlete in the history of South Florida.

1. Rings matter. Let’s go ahead and get to the most obvious advantage Dwyane Wade has over Dan Marino: Wade has championships on his resumé. Three, to be exact. Now, before you go screaming about how titles don’t mean everything, ask yourself one question: Are you a Miami Hurricanes fan? Do you see where this is going? Hurricanes fans end every argument the same way: My team has five titles, and yours doesn’t. So why wouldn’t the same apply here?

We measure athletes by their teams’ successes, whether or not that’s fair. Everyone loves Marino. But Marino never won a title. You’ve never been to a championship parade and watched Marino roll by giving you a beauty-pageant wave. Wade has had that day three times. You can argue all you want about who had more help and who was more responsible for wins, but in the end, Marino never ended a season with a victory. Wade did that three times.

Photo by Alex Broadwell

2. Wade played during his franchise’s greatest era. It’s pretty hard to say Marino did more for South Florida sports than