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It is opening week for the 2017 high school football season in Florida. That means lots of things are going on around the state to open the season. Here are five things to know as the season gets underway.


For the first time since the 1974-75 season, every game in Florida is going to matter this season for teams in all eight classifications with the official launch of the new FHSAA Playoff Points system. That means Week 1 is going to matter now as much as Week 11.

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Using a system modeled after Nebraska’s playoff points system, each game will earn points based upon the end of the season record of every team’s opponents during the season. Teams who scheduled an FHSAA playoff team or against a team from an out-of-state equivalent association from 2015 or 2016 gained three (3) additional bonus points which the FHSAA has calculated in its master schedules.

The biggest thing for this week though is to watch how close a lot of the Week 1 matchups are on the Scoreboard. This will be a telling sign for the rest of the season in how close we could expect to see matchups given the level of scheduling that we have not seen in years in Florida during the offseason.

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The FHSAA will start issuing points system updates around Week 5, but will not give us what the picture might look until after Week 8 or Week 9.


Nearly two dozen games involving teams playing an opponent from out-of-state are on the schedule for Week 1, including several that

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