FJRI Update Details Continued Growth in AOBs … Thanks to a Handful of Busy Attorneys

State law intended to benefit insurance policyholders continues to generate an ever-increasing windfall for trial lawyers and the repair vendors who hire them, according to a newly updated report released today by the Florida Justice Reform Institute.

The report uses data from the Florida Department of Financial Services’ Service Of Process database, updated through 2018, to show the widespread growth of Assignment of Benefits (AOB) lawsuits.

“This updated report details how out-of-control AOB lawsuits based on the one-way attorney fee continues to accelerate, driving up overall litigation and costs for policyholders,” said William Large, president of the Florida Justice Reform Institute.

But guess what?

The Florida Justice Reform Institute points its finger at a handful of lawyers filing most of the AOB lawsuits, but it fails to connect the dots on at least one embarrassing and another ironic fact:  Two of the most prolific filers of AOB lawsuits — Malik Law Group and Hale, Hale and Jacobson (the firm of Florida Justice Association spokesman Lee Jacobson) are members of the Restoration Association of Florida, the very group that contends it is opposing AOB reform on behalf of consumers. 

Here’s what the report says:

“… A fifth of all property AOB

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