Florida Medical Marijuana Program Senate & House Bills Update

There are currently two bills gaining momentum in the Florida Senate & House to structure the way medical marijuana in Florida will be cultivated, dispensed and distributed. Both are sticking close to the current structure with regards to doctor’s however they vary in other aspects.

The Senate Bill: CS/SB 406 (2017) Compassionate Use of Low-THC Cannabis and Marijuana


  • Adds Chronic nonmalignant pain to the list of qualifying conditions.
  • Maintains Dr’s freedom to use their judgment of what qualifies for certification as intended under amendment 2
  • Maintains Patient requirement for annual re-certification
  • Bans Smoking
  • Allows Vaporizing
  • Maintains the current system of distribution with more treatment centers to be added as the eligible patient list meets certain thresholds.
  • Establishes requirements for marijuana to be tested for quality by independent laboratories before being dispensed.
  • Allows for reciprocity with other states. Patients traveling to Florida that hold a medical card from their home state would qualify to receive medication.

Senator Bradley’s Bill has cleared the Appropriations Committee.

The House Bill: CS/CS/HB 1397: Medical Use of Marijuana

The Bill proposed by Representative Rodrigues has cleared The Health and Human Services Committee

This House bill is far more restrictive than the Senate version in that it bans dry herb/flower, smoking, edibles, and vaping. It does allow for vaping of cannabis oil from a vaping device purchased at a dispensary.

Patients should have the right to choose how they receive their medicine.

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