During his official visit to the University of Florida, Lamical Perine stayed with Gators running back Jordan Scarlett. The two started to form a friendship at that time, and have continued to remain close – not only sharing carries as the main two options in the Florida backfield, but sharing living quarters as well as they are currently living in the same house together.

Despite competing with one another everyday in practice, Perine said that “We’re very close friends. We talk every day. Anytime I have any questions that I have to ask him, he doesn’t mind answering them. He’s not a selfish guy at all.”

Scarlett echoed this sentiment by saying, “I just look at him as a brother. We’re always looking out for each other. If he doesn’t know something or I don’t know something, we’ll always tell each other.”

Though the duo enters camp sitting atop the depth chart, they are hardly Florida’s only two options.

There is another duo making a case for playing time.

Two of the five running backs that are hoping to get meaningful snaps this season are Adarius Lemons and Malik Davis, both of whom are freshmen.

Perine, who was in the same spot as Davis and Lemons last year, had some advice for the young running backs.

“I was just like, ‘Man, after every practice, watch film over and over. Sit down with the coaches and get help from the older guys.’ None of us mind helping those guys out.”

Scarlett also shared with us his impressions of the two young men. “I’d say for Malik Davis, he’s really flashy. He has a lot of shifty moves. Both of them can catch out the backfield. They’re both fast.”

“Adarius, he runs really hard. He runs behind his pads. I like to

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