Florida Beer Blog turns 5 years old!

Today is quite the auspicious day, as it marks the 5th anniversary of Florida Beer Blog!

Since being created while sitting in a comfortable easy chair in Tampa, the blog has had close to a thousand articles, and we’ve watched the burgeoning craft beer scene here in Florida take off with wild abandon.

It’s been an interesting ride, I’ve done a number of things that I never thought that I would be able to do, and met some very amazing people.

And it is awesome to see what has happened in those five years. Of the earliest articles, the second and third articles are about places that no longer exist, and the articles after that are about tiny neighborhood breweries that have now exploded into multinational conglomerates.

I would like to think that my writing has gotten better, I’ve gained quite a few more followers, and just last month premiered a podcast, of all things. When the blog was started, I’m not totally sure I knew what a podcast even was. Heck, I don’t even know if they existed then.

With the first article, though, my topic was sort of an explainer, why I felt a blog that focused solely

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