Florida Carry Sues Miami Beach over Police Action against 'Legally Armed' Fishermen

Miami Beach police officer on South Pointe Pier, July 24, 2018

A lawsuit for deprivation of civil rights under color of law and violations of Florida firearms and fishing laws was filed Wednesday against the City of Miami Beach and officers of its police department. The action was over an incident in which the officers assaulted, battered, and detained law-abiding fishermen at a Florida Carry fishing meetup on the South Pointe Fishing Pier on June 24, 2018, according to Florida Carry. 

The incident was captured on video, available on this page.

[embedded content]

Dubbed the “South Pointe Six,” six Florida Carry members and supporters were held by police for more than two hours “without cause, while the police officers went on a fishing expedition of their own in an illegal attempt to find something … anything …the officers could use in order to charge the ‘South Pointe Six’ with a crime before finally failing and releasing them,” said the organization filing suit.

Even after eventually releasing Florida Carry’s members, “the Police Department forced the premature end of our First Amendment-protected gathering by closing the public fishing pier until all known Florida Carry members and supporters left the area.”


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