Florida coronavirus: State reports 8,410 new cases, over 133K results received

TAMPA (WFLA) – Florida reported an additional 8,410 coronavirus cases on Saturday, bringing the statewide case count to 931,828.

New cases reported:

Saturday: 8,410 Friday: 9,085 Thursday: 9,085 Wednesday: 7,925 Tuesday: 7,459

Percent positive:

The health department received 133,919 test results from labs across the state on Friday. Of the results received, 8.26% were positive. This includes people who have been tested multiple times.

Friday: 8.26% Thursday: 8.97% Wednesday: 8.91% Tuesday: 9.71% Monday: 10.39%

Percent positivity: 

The percent positivity for new cases was 6.79% on Friday. Percent positivity for new cases is the number of people who test PCR (nose swabs) or antigen-positive for the first time divided by all the people tested that day. That does not include people who already tested positive once and have been re-tested to see if they’re still infected.

Friday: 6.79% Thursday: 7.64% Wednesday: 7.58% Tuesday: 8.16% Monday: 8.61%

Florida Resident Fatalities: 17,930 total

Florida reported 41 new virus fatalities among residents on Saturday. The report does not mention the exact date of death, therefore the deaths announced may not be from the past 24 hours. It can sometimes take weeks for fatalities to be logged.

Saturday: 41 Friday: 79 Thursday: 79 Wednesday: 87 Tuesday: 85

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