Florida coronavirus: State tallies over 5,000 new cases following data dump error

TAMPA (WFLA) — The Florida Department of Health reported over 5,000 new cases of coronavirus a day after it withheld numbers because of a data dump error.

There are now 734,491 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state.

Florida coronavirus: State not releasing daily reports after lab submits 400K previously-reported results

New cases reported (734,491 total):

Sunday: 5,570Friday: 2,908Thursday: 3,306Wednesday: 2,582Tuesday: 2,251Monday: 1,415

Percent positive: 4.44%

The health department says it received 114,674 test results from labs across the state on Saturday. Of all the test results received, 4.44% were positive. This includes people who have been tested multiple times.

Saturday: 4.44%Friday: 9.24%* A data dump of previously reported lab results prevented the reporting system from normal processing of lab results on Oct 9, causing an inaccurate representation of data for Oct 9 and 10. The most accurate way to interpret percent positivity for these 2 days is as a 2-day average, which was 4.24%Thursday: 5.13%Wednesday: 5.54%Tuesday: 5.33%Monday: 6.82%Sunday: 5.16%

Percent positivity: 3.47%

The percent positivity for new cases was 3.47% on Saturday. Percent positivity for new cases is the number of people who test PCR (nose swabs) or antigen-positive for the first time divided by all the people

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