Florida dad stumped by toddler’s mystery impersonation

(NEXSTAR) — It’s well-documented that kids say the darndest things — but what happens when your kid keeps saying something that you just can’t place? It’s the mystery one Florida dad is currently trying to solve.

Chris, who gave Nexstar permission to use his name and that of his 2 year-old Jack, reached out to Nexstar with the conundrum, pointing us to a much-upvoted and answered Reddit thread where Chris was also seeking answers.

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He explains that every night, Jack dumps out the bath toys from their bucket, “places the bucket on his head and says, “I’m [blank] [blank].” The last part of the sentence is still unclear.

“In the past, I’ve thought he says ‘I’m Hank Evil,’ or ‘Hey Evil,’ or ‘I’m very evil’ — but I can’t figure out the character. I do think the second word is evil,” Chris wrote on Reddit. Per the clip above, you might also hear “Henry Evil.”

Chris also jokes: “My wife is a speech language pathologist for kids and also can’t figure this out.”

Chris took to Reddit and laid out a few

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