As first reported by The Daily Mail, two Florida anesthesiologists – Dr. John Flanagan and Dr. Matthew Stevenson – saved a woman’s life by literally “constructing a makeshift medical ventilator” during a JetBlue flight from Orlando to Jamaica.

In addition to the fact that they actually saved someone’s, life there are some really cool elements to this saga.

As told to, while on the flight, airline personnel noted that this woman, an elderly Jamaican, was in some sort of distress. At one point in the flight, the onboard employees casually (apparently so as to not freak out the other passengers) asked if there were any medical personnel on board.

There happened to be a travel nurse on board who was first to try to help. He had a pulse ox which when applied to the patient read in the 50’s with a very rapid heart rate. He also had an oxygen concentrator and attempted to administer oxygen, but it did not help. Stevenson saw the nurse needed assistance so he approached and saw the dire state of the situation. Stevenson went to the front of the plane and grabbed Flanagan. They opened the medical kit and found an AMBU bag.

At this point, Flanagan saw the nurse laying the patient down in the aisle. Flanagan grabbed the AMBU bag and went to the patient. She was unconscious and barely making respiratory effort. Stevenson told the pilot to land the plane and then grabbed the portable oxygen tank to hook up to the AMBU.

However, there was tubing that was not compatible with  the AMBU already attached to the portable oxygen tank and it would not come off.  They had no way to deliver oxygen to the patient. While Dr Flanagan ventilated the patient with

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