To hear the Democrats tell it, you’d think Rick Scott drove Florida education off a cliff. Have you see their latest ad, “It’s School Time”?

It’s a 30-second spot. Thirty seconds is just enough time to put a thought in your head, nowhere near enough time to prove the thought has any connection to reality.

The ad never claims Florida ever was “#1.” — have a look at it here. Instead, it says “We’re #1” — with the “#1” crossed out, replaced by “#40.” So it feels as if Florida education went from #1 to #40 under Rick Scott. In tiny writing is the source, the U.S. News & World Report school rankings from August. Now, I’m sure that ranking exists in some edition and some context, but darned if I can find it.

What I did find is U.S. News & World Report’s “Best States for Education” from 2018 showing Florida ranked 7th in education, and 15th overall — “overall” taking into account factors like health care (which we do poorly on) and fiscal stability (which we excel on).

Seventh in education out of 50 states is a long way from 40. Even 15 is a long way from 40. This

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