Florida gas prices fall to $2.01 on average in past week

The fall in Florida’s gas prices in the past week marks declines in the cost of the fuel for 36 days straight, according AAA Florida Auto Club data released Monday.

The average price for a gallon of gas in the Sunshine State dropped to $2.01 last week. That’s a decrease of about 4 cents from the previous week. Many gas stations are already charging less than $2 per gallon across Florida.

The resurgence of the coronavirus in Florida and across the nation is largely responsible for the price plunge. Daily records are being set on the national level for the number of new daily cases.  Motorists can expect prices to drop even lower, according to AAA officials.

“Demand concerns related to surging cases of COVID-19 continue to weigh on the global fuel market, leading to lower prices at the pump,” said Mark Jenkins, AAA Florida spokesperson. “Although U.S. gasoline demand is not nearly as low as it was in April, it remains 9% lower than what’s common this time of year.

“Florida drivers should see another round of discounts this week. The state average should slip below $2 a gallon and sink to $1.95 by the weekend,” Jenkins said.

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