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Gators set aggressive tone for third practice Tuesday

Football season is still more than five months away, but Florida coach Dan Mullen and his staff are pushing their players aggressively during spring practice so far.

Take the beginning and end of the Gators practice on Tuesday.

After stretching, the players broke off into groups down the sideline of the Indoor Practice Facility and took part in a version of the old “Oklahoma drill,” where two players square off trying to push the other out of the space or take them to the ground while their teammates surround them.

#Gators setting the tone for practice early. pic.twitter.com/r9CbAvKBJu

— Ryan Young (@RyanYoungSEC) March 20, 2018

It harkened to the “Circle of Life” drill the Gators used to use under former coach Urban Meyer, Mullen’s former boss.

“It’s 4 seconds, how tough you are. Nobody should be able to get beat in 4 seconds. Anybody should be able to hold their own for 4 seconds going against somebody,” Florida co-offensive coordinator Billy Gonzales said after practice. “… It establishes right off the get-go, as far as being Day One and putting the pads on, the importance of understanding that being part of a physical football team is going to be important for us to move forward.”

Then at the end of practice, as reporters were let back inside in advance of interviews with the Gators coordinators, the players were running sideline to sideline to the point of exhaustion. One defensive