Blaise Ingoglia, the Republican Party of Florida’s chair, says he’s feeling increasingly confident about the campaign for Governor.

Wednesday night sees GOP nominee Ron DeSantis debating Democrat Andrew Gillum in Davie, roughly 24 hours after the campaign’s October Surprise dropped (seeming evidence that Gillum accepted tickets to Hamilton from an FBI agent).

Ingoglia told us Wednesday to expect DeSantis, a prosecutor, to ‘bring it home’ to Gillum on the debate stage.

“The new developments are basically old developments,” Ingoglia said, noting that on Sunday night at the CNN debate, Gillum “lied on national TV.”

“Did you pay for Hamilton?” DeSantis asked during the debate. “Andrew, did you pay for the trip?”

Gillum fumbled on DeSantis’ questions Sunday, which Ingoglia sees as exploitable evidence of culpability.

“He had an opportunity to do the right thing when presented with a choice and he didn’t,” Ingoglia said, regarding accepting the Hamilton tickets in the first place.

DeSantis, said Ingoglia, is “hunkered down … doing a lot of debate prep … ready to show the contrast (between the candidates) for what it is.”

Thursday sees one of the most prominent Republicans anywhere — Vice President Mike Pence — supporting DeSantis

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