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After reaching the towering heights of the top 10 early in the season, Florida is limping to the finish line in both the figurative and literal interpretations of that phrase. The Gators are losing more and more key contributors to injury with each passing week, and they have a fresh batch of wounds in need of licking after their 20-7 win over South Carolina.

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— Nick de la Torre (@NickdelaTorreGC) November 14, 2016

That’s a lot of players to be missing! Eleven of them, to be precise. And a neat thing about the number 11 is that it’s the exact amount of people you need to field a football team composed entirely of two-way players. So I decided I should see what this purely hypothetical team would look like.

The real reason I wanted to do this is because I thought it would be fun. But if you need a better reason than that, then let’s say it’s because it will help you appreciate the gravity of Florida’s injury crisis, or something like that.

Anyway, here’s the offense.

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The only players in their customary positions are David Sharpe, Tyler Jordan, Luke Del Rio, C.J. Worton, and Mark Herndon. The other seven players are moving from the opposite side of the ball, and many of them are extremely bad fits for their position. I wanted to put Alex Anzalone at tight end because no man has ever looked more like an Iowa Hawkeyes tight end than Alex Anzalone, but he also seemed slightly better suited to the role of wide receiver than Jarrad Davis. We needed another WR, so I had to make a sacrifice.

The right side of the offensive line is talented but hasn’t played

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