Big Showdown

It was a battle of top-notch squads when Viera (9th in the state) took on Palm Bay (80th) last week. The final score between Viera and Palm Bay was a 59 – 21 blowout in Viera’s favor. Senior Tim Demorat deserves a lot of the credit as he threw for 346 yards and three touchdowns.

Movin on Up

Columbus was heavily favored to win coming into its game last week, and the results showcase why. It put the hurt on Miami Beach with a conclusive 61 – 0 victory. The dominant performance adds to Columbus’s intimidating total: it now has four blowout victories so far this season. The team’s efforts were enough to boost its power ranking by 16, which was the most sizeable gain made by any team in the rankings.

Can’t Touch This

Vero Beach got a 42 – 7 win over Olympic Heights last week, and a key reason for the win was senior Akeem Dixon. Dixon earned four touchdowns and 111 yards rushing the ball. In fact, our algorithms singled out Dixon as one of the top players in the power rankings for the week.

This Week’s Big Showdown

One of the hottest tickets last week involved the clash between Carol City (13th in the state) and Southridge (32nd). Everything went Carol City’s way against Southridge as it secured a 44 – 0 win. The victory boosted Carol City a satisfying 11 spots in the power rankings.

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