As Florida House members work to roll out their budget, the chairman of that chamber’s budget committee said Tuesday they are aiming for a simpler version of the massive $87 billion budget Gov. Rick Scott has proposed.

“Our goal is to pass a balanced budget — I don’t want to say one that is more conservative than the governor’s, but one that is more simplified,” state Rep. Carlos Trujillo said.

The governor’s proposed budget this year is the largest in state history — and more than $1 billion in spending than the current year’s plan. A large chunk of Scott’s proposal is tied to Hurricane Irma expenses and Medicaid.

When Trujillo was asked by reporters what he meant by a simpler budget, he implied that it would cover the state’s basic functions, but his chamber would likely not pack their budget with as many member projects sought by specific members.

The Miami Republican said his chamber is likely to craft a slimmed down version of Scott’s spending plan. That proposal is expected to be unveiled in roughly two months.

The governor’s proposal is often seen as a recommendation for lawmakers, who ultimately write the state budget. Scott exerts his influence on the process on the back end with his line-item veto power.

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