Florida judge dismisses part of medical marijuana lawsuit - Tampabay.com

Florida judge dismisses part of medical marijuana lawsuit – Tampabay.com

FDLE announces full investigation in Latvala case

Latvala is accused of seeking sexual intimacy with a lobbyist in exchange for legislative favors.

Florida constitution committee keeps alive an education surprise

One proposal aims to grant high-performing district schools the ability to become “charter districts,” and therefore better compete with charter schools, which have much less state regulation and more autonomy.

Matt Gaetz continues to push conspiracy theory about FBI and Trump

Says there is a “cabal” out to get Trump.

These are the 5 most-lobbied bills in the Florida House

Corporations and unions are paying attention to these potential laws.

Private eye spying in Tallahassee says he wasn’t targeting lawmakers

“The target was not a legislator,” Derek Uman told the Times/Herald in a series of emails this week. “It was a regular domestic case.”

A prison promised inmates treats if they donated to charity. So where’s the pizza?

Rep. David Richardson is demanding an end to the charity for pizza programs at the state’s largest privately run women’s prison, saying that the activities — even if popular — are an inappropriate attempt at forcing contributions from potentially unwilling donors.

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