Commenting on the domestic terrorism that occurred Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, a Florida lawmaker’s first reaction was to draw a parallel between the day’s events with the assault on Reginald Denny, a construction truck driver who was beaten nearly to death during the 1992 riots in Los Angeles.

Polk County Republican Neil Combee, who is in his third term as a member of the Florida House of Representatives, posted on his personal Facebook page Saturday evening that he didn’t “know much about what happened in Charlottesville Virginia today.”

But not knowing much didn’t keep Combee from writing in detail about what happened to Denny on the day of April 29,1992, when a group of African American assailants who came to be known as the “L.A. Four,” pulled Denny from his truck and beat him with bricks, bottles, and a claw hammer — all of which occurred live on national television.

What happened to Denny that day was horrible.

But what happened to Denny has no equivalence — except a false one — with what happened in Charlottesville.

And its disgusting that Combee chose as his first reaction to the terrorism in Charlottesville an attempt to rationalize what happened there.

After he was criticized for his post, Combee wrote, “The point is innocent people who work or live in that area may have been caught up or at least were subject to be caught up by protesters who came into the area looking for a fight. One or more of those hit by the car very well could have been minding their own business, doing their job and disinterested in what this was all about.”

Innocent people, huh?

Rep. Combee, you need to watch this video and see if you think the driver of the car in Charlottesville was ‘subject to being caught

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