Florida lawmaker pushes ban on red light cameras

BRADENTON, Fla. (WFLA) – Two memorials for Mark Wandall are set up at the intersection where the dad-to-be was killed by someone who ran a red light in 2003. A small sign is at the corner of State Road 70 and Tara Boulevard, where red light cameras are now installed.

“He was essentially stopped at a red light and went to turn left on the green arrow when the motorist ran the light,” Mark’s wife Melissa Wandall recalled.

Legislation in his memory, The Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act, sets the standards for Florida’s red light cameras.

Red light cameras are installed at more than 500 intersections across the state—55 are in Tampa. But a bill filed by Representative Anthony Sabatini would repeal the act and ban the traffic infraction detectors in Florida.

“Red light cameras are one of the biggest tax fraud scheme in American history and are used to increase money for local government—and they make us less safe.  Studies show that red light cameras at intersections lead to more accidents,” Sabatini said in a statement.

Wandall disagrees.

“They are not a moneymaker. They are saying hey we have issues at our intersections, and we need to cut down

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