Florida lawmakers to criminalize COVID-19 vaccine fraud attempts

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Cap News Services) – Floridians, especially seniors, are one step closer to being protected from fraud attempts relating to the COVID vaccine. 

The first bill approved by a newly created legislative committee on the pandemic would make it a felony for someone to fraudulently charge someone for offering to put them at the front of the vaccine line.

Jared Moskowitz is the Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management and is in charge of the vaccine distribution network and says reports of vaccine fraud attempts are growing.

“People are trying to set up fake calendars, fake appointments. You know, we have foreign actors trying to hack systems. I mean, it’s just the worst of society,” said Moskowitz.

Seniors are top targets and Zayne Smith with AARP said members are calling about offers to pay to get on a vaccination list.

“I mean, if you pay us now, you’ll have your vaccine tomorrow. Those are so egregious against people who are really vulnerable right now, and just wanting to get back to normal life,” said Zyne Smith.

Government publications are clear, if someone wants you to pay them to get on a list to be vaccinated, go

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