Florida League of Cities unveils priorities for 2021 Legislative Session

The Florida League of Cities on Monday unveiled its priority list for the upcoming 2021 Legislative Session.

The League publishes a Legislative Action Agenda each year prior to the Legislative Session. This year, some of their priorities include online sales tax, land annexation, short-term rentals, affordable housing and more.

“Florida’s local officials are actively engaged and hard at work as we prepare for the 2021 Legislative Session,” said Florida League of Cities President Tony Ortiz, who is also a City of Orlando commissioner. “We’re eager to work with our partners at the state level during the upcoming session, and while we’re optimistic about that partnership, we remain committed to our mission of protecting local decision-making for Florida’s cities, towns and villages.”

According to the League’s 2021 agenda, the more than 90-year-old group will push for a sales tax to be added to online sales from out-of-state retailers. They contended that changes are needed to “ensure in-state retailers are treated equitably.”

The League will also support legislation that further allows municipalities to annex unincorporated areas and expand boundaries.

“Currently, the annexation process makes it difficult for cities to annex certain unincorporated enclaves and unincorporated areas where

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